Vermicelli Basbousa

Vermicelli Basbousa
1 cup milk powder
Half cup oil
1 and a half cups semolina flour
Half cup sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tin kishta cream
1 tetra pack nestle milk pak dairy cream
You also need fried vermicelli..I used store bought already fried.
You will also need condensed milk for the cooked basbousa.

In a bowl, add the sugar, kishta and mix well.
Next add the oil and mix.
Then add the milk powder and mix.
Next add the semolina flour and baking powder and continue to mix.
In a prepared baking pan, add the mixture and flatten it smooth.
On top of the mixture, add the nestle milk pak dairy cream and smoothen it all over the top of the mixture.
Now sprinkle the vermicelli all over to cover the cream.
Bake @350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.
After my basbousa was ready, I placed my oven on broil to give the vermicelli the nice brown colour. If you are happy with the colour of the vermicelli you can skip the broiling part.
Once ready ready, remove from the oven and cut it into the portions you want.
Drizzle condensed milk all over the top.

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