Shredded Chicken n Veggie Soup

Shredded Chicken n Veggie Soup
Cooked shredded chicken
2 cups grated carrots
Diced onion
Diced celery
Diced green onions
Diced yellow n orange bell peppers
Diced jalapeno
Dry oregano flakes
Dry basil flakes
Ground black pepper
Red chili flakes
1 cup flour
Butter n oil for sauteing
Chicken or Vegetable broth

In a pot, add the butter n oil and cook the onions.
Next add the bell peppers and celery and continue to cook, mixing well.
Then add the grated carrots, jalapeno and mix well.
Now add the flour and mix well then immediately add the broth.
The quantity of the broth you add will determine the amount of soup you get.
Now add the shredded chicken and the spices and mix well.
Let the soup simmer on medium heat stirring occasionally until it’s ready.
Since you added some flour the soup should have some thickness to it’s broth but it should not be too thick. It should still be somewhat runny and not thick.
Add the green onions after turning the stove off.
Serve with any kind of breads.

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