Apple Pastries

Apple Pastries
Cinnamon powder
Square puff Pastry
Strawberry Jam

Cut the apples into rings, remove the core of the apples.
You can peel the skin or leave it on.
Mix the cinnamon powder with the sugar.
Next take the puff pastry squares and cut the inner corners into triangle shape. Make cuts on all the four corners of the pastry.
Then dip the apple rings in the cinnamon sugar mix then place the rings on top of the pastries.
Now bring the corners of the pastries in the centre of the apple rings.
Then top up the centre of the pastries with strawberry jam.
Bake at 350 degrees until the pastries have puffed up and are crispy and golden in colour.
Remove from the oven when ready. Let them cool then dust them with icing sugar.
You can mix icing sugar with milk to make a runny paste then drizzle on top of the pastries.

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