11 green cooking bananas or matoke
1 onion..diced
2 tomatoes..chopped
1 and a half pounds meat
1 tablespoon ginger/garlic paste
Turmeric..1/4 tsp
Curry powder..1 tsp
2 green chilies.
Coconut milk
…You also need thick coconut milk, cook it on a stove stirring constantly until it becomes thick, then keep it aside.
In a pot add the meat along with the ginger/garlic paste and salt, then boil the meat until it is soft.
Peel and wash the bananas then cut them into small medium size slices.
Place them in a pot, then add all the remaining ingredients (except the thick cooked coconut milk). Add the cooked meat as well without any liquid. Add the coconut milk to the pot, the coconut milk should cover all the ingredients..
Cook until the bananas are well cooked and the liquid has reduced..Turn the stove off. Then add the thick cooked coconut milk and let the bananas cook with whatever heat is left from the turned off stove. Then take a wooden spoon and mix the bananas around while mashing them at the same time, you can leave them chunky if you want.

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