Unskewered Pan Seared Mishkaki

Unskewered Pan Seared Mishkaki
Beef cut into cube pieces without bones
Chili flakes
Lemon Salt Pepper
Curry powder
Tandoori masala
Ginger/ garlic paste
Ground black pepper
Cumin powder
Some vegetable oil

Marinate the beef with all of the above ingredients.
In a pan, add some oil and cook the meat.
Mixing and stirring every once in a while.
The meat will start giving out water, keep cooking and stirring until there’s no liquid left, check the meat to see if it’s soft, then it’s ready, if not add some water and continue cooking.
If required keep adding water and cook until the meat is soft and no liquid is left. When ready remove from the stove and add some diced red onions.
For me I didn’t add any water, the meat gave out some liquid and cooked itself in it until it was soft.
Serve the meat with salad and chutneys or with fried rice.

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