Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry
Chicken pieces
Garlic ginger paste

Add everything in a pot and cook the chicken until well cooked.
Keep aside.

For the curry
Oil for sauteing
Crushed tomatoes
Cumin powder
Garlic ginger paste
Chopped onions
Chopped celery..optional
Chopped coriander
Curry powder
Garam masala
Potato cubes..optional
Chili flakes
Dried oregano

In a pot, add the oil and cook the onions.
Next add the celery and continue cooking.
Next add the potato cubes and keep stirring.
Next add the tomatoes, spices and continue cooking.
Lower the heat and let the curry simmer on low heat stirring occasionally.
Next add the chicken and any broth left from cooking the chicken. Remember the amount of broth you add will determine the size of the curry you get.
If the broth is little, you can add water.
Simmer the curry stirring occasionally until it’s well cooked and there’s desired amount of liquid left.
Turn the stove off and add the coriander to the curry.
Mix well and the curry is ready to serve.
Serve with plain rice or any breads.

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