Chicken n Dal Curry

Chicken n Dal Curry
Chicken pieces
Curry powder
Cumin powder
Chili flakes
Coriander powder
Crushed tomatoes
Chopped coriander
Oil for sauteing

In a pot, add the Dal and water and cook until half way done.
Next add the chicken to Dal, more water if needed and cook until done. If your chicken takes longer to cook than dal then boil the chicken n dal separately.
Please note that the chicken I use boils n cooks faster that’s why I add it to half cooked dal rather than boiling it together from the beginning.
In another pot, add some oil, crushed tomatoes, spices and cook stirring occasionally.
Next add the cooked chicken without the dal and mix well. Let it simmer stirring occasionally.
Next add the dal and the broth left from cooking the chicken if needed. Finally add the olives.
Let it cook until desired thickness is reached.
Add the coriander after turning the stove off.
Serve with rice, couscous or bread.

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