Pasta n Sausage

Pasta n Sausage
Pasta..cook to the packets instructions
Oil for sauteing
Ginger/ garlic paste
Green onion or regular onion
Chili flakes
Pasta sauce
Sausages..cut into pieces
Chopped coriander

In a pot, add the oil and cook the onion. Then add the ginger/garlic paste, half of the coriander along with all the remaining spices. Cook for a minute then add the sausages.
Cook for a few minutes then add the pasta sauce and mix well.
Continue cooking, stirring occasionally until the sausages are well cooked.
Finally add the cooked pasta and mix well.
When the sauce has reduced and the pasta is well coated with the sauce, you can turn off the stove and add the remaining coriander.
Remove from the stove and serve hot.

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