Two Tone Cakesickles

A cake
Candy melts two colours
Icing/ cake cream
Sprinkle for decorations

Mash up the cake and add some icing just enough to act as binding. Mix well until it’s soft and sticks together.
Melt the candy melts one colour first following the packets instructions.
Add the melted candy melts in half part of the cakesicle mold and move the cakesicle mold around so that the candy melt coats every corner of the half part only. Then tap down the cakesicle mold and insert a stick if desired. Freeze the mold for a few minutes then repeat the process if needed. Then repeat this process with the second colour candy melts and fill in the other half. Make sure every part of the mold is coated with candy melts. Freeze for a few minutes
Let the candy melt dry before going in to the next process.
Next add the cake mixture and press to fill in the cavity.
Next cover with melted candy melts and spread evenly.
Freeze it again for a few minutes so that the candy melt dries.
Next gently remove the cakesicles from the mold.
Decorate them anyway you want.

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