Tambi za Tamu

Vermicelli..the broken ones
Ground cardamom
Olive oil or ghee
Raisins and almonds for garnishing

In a pot, boil the water and once it comes to a boil, add the vermicelli.
Mix and cook the vermicelli until 70% done meaning don’t let them become soft. Then remove them from the heat and drain the vermicelli.
Add the vermicelli back in the pot, and return the pot back on the stove, but put the stove on medium heat.
Now add olive oil, sugar, ground cardamom and gently mix until the sugar has dissolved and no liquid is left.
At this point if you want you can add raisins and almonds.
Serve them in a serving dish and garnish with some more raisins or almonds.
**You can use any amount of the ingredients to suit your taste. The trick is to know when they are done boiling and that is where the 70% kicks in.

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