Carrot n Mango Pickle

Mango n Carrot Chutney:
2 raw mango (diced)
2 large carrots (diced)
Green chillies..cut slits half way through the chillies.
Curry powder
Turmeric powder
Mustard seeds or rai seeds
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking.

In a pot, boil the carrots slightly for a few minutes and then sieve the water away. Do not let the carrots get soft.
Now in another pot, add oil and place the pot on a medium heat stove. Add the mangoes and stir until the mangoes start to soften. Now add the carrots and chillies and continue mixing.
Next add the remaining ingredients and reduce the heat to low. Continue cooking on low.
Remove from heat when the carrots and mangoes are cooked.
Serve with your main dishes.

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