2 cups whipping cream
2 cups mascarpone cheese..room temperature
Two thirds sugar..you can add more or less according to your taste
Vanilla sugar or vanilla essence
Lady finger cookies
Espresso liquid coffee about 2 cups..room temperature.

In a mixer pour the whipping cream and whip until soft peak, then add the sugar, vanilla essence and the mascarpone cheese. Continue mixing until everything is well mixed.
Take the lady finger cookies and dip them in the espresso coffee then place them in a dessert dish.
Do not soak the cookies in the coffee just dip and remove.
Next add some of the mascarpone mixture and spread evenly.
Repeat the cookie process followed by the mascarpone mixture. I got three layers of each. The top layer should be the mascarpone mixture. Finally garnish the top layer using cocoa powder.
Refrigerate for atleast 4hours or overnight. It tastes better the second day.

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