Mkate wa Sinia

Mkate wa Sinia
1 mug rice..soak the rice for two days cleaning and changing the water atleast once a day.
My 1 mug is about 2 cups of rice but not filled to the top.
1 tbsp yeast
1 and a third mug water..Same mug as rice
1 and a half cups coconut powder
1 cup sugar.. you can add more or less to suit your taste

Drain the rice and place the rice in a blend along with all the remaining ingredients.
Blend well into a smooth batter.
Cover and let the mixture rise.
Once risen, mix the mixture well with a ladle.
Now take your oven bake pan or pot, add about a tablespoon of ghee and place the pot on low to medium heat stove.
Once the ghee gets hot pour the mixture and cover.
Let the mixture cook on top of a medium low heat stove for about 15 minutes or until you see the mixture is coming together and cooking well.
Make sure the heat is not at high as the mkate will burn.
Next place the mkate(uncovered) in the oven to finish cooking the mkate.
If you see the mkate is still liquidy and not fully cooked on the stove then give it some more baking time in the oven and the turn the oven to broil to give the top of mkate a nice golden colour, but if the stove top cooking was enough for the mkate then the oven really is just for broiling the top and giving it a nice golden colour.
Once the mkate is ready, remove from the oven and cover it until it cools down.
Once cooled remove from the pan/pot and cut into pieces.
Serve with tea.
This recipe is given to me by a dear and sweet friend.

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