Mikate ya Nyama

Mikate ya Nyama

In a mixer, mix flour, salt and some ghee. Mix well then add water and mix to make a soft dough.
Divide the dough into small balls and oil the dough balls.
Place them on a plate and cover.
Let them rest for a few hours.
For exact dough measurement please refer to my chapati recipe because I used my chapati recipe for this dough.

Other Ingredients:
Cooked minced meat or keema..like the one used i making samosa.
Raw eggs

Now oil a counter surface roll out each ball using your fingertips.
Roll out the dough ball to desired thickness.
In a bowl crack an egg and lightly beat it.
Now place some keema in the middle of the rolled ball and pour some egg over the top of the keema.
Gently fold the sides over to seal the keema and egg.
Now cook the folded mikate on a lightly oiled pan until well cooked. Remember to cook both sides and keep in mind that the sides are cooked too.
Enjoy with some salad and tamarind sauce.

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