Achari ya Maembe

Achari ya Maembe (mango pickle)
Raw mangoes
Dawa ya achari (pickle or achar spices)
Red chili powder
Turmeric (optional)
Crushed chili flakes
Vegetable oil

Wash and cut the mangoes into pieces or cubes.
Discard the seed and any unwanted parts.
Now put the cubed mangoes in a small container and add some salt, add enough salt to make the mangoes taste salty.
Then let this stand overnight or for about two days.
After the two days, you will see that the mangoes have given out water, drain and discard away the water.
Now spread the cubed mangoes on a flat surface and dry them out in the sun (this might take days or weeks depending on how much sun you get).
Once the mangoes have dried enough to suit your taste (some like the mangoes very dried, some like them when they have some moisture), put the dried mangoes in a large container or jar and add the remaining ingredients according to your taste. Do not add any more salt, the achari should have enough salt, you can taste the achari first then decide if it needs more salt. For the oil, put the oil in a pot and place it in a low heat stove just to warm it up. Then let the oil cool completely before adding it to the achari. You can also add the oil as is without warming it up. I like the oil to cover the mangoes up to almost half way up or three quarter way up…Mix well and the achari is now ready to be eaten.
Place the achari container out in the sun every two or three days. Also mix it every two days.

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