Achari ya Kamba

Achari ya Kamba: (Shrimp pickle)
1/2 kilo dried shrimp
1 cup crushed red chili peppers
* Crush the red chili peppers in a blender with some lemon juice.
1 cup ginger/garlic paste
Some vegetable oil
Some lemon juice
Some salt

Give the dried shrimp a quick rinse and drain.
In a blender, add the shrimp and some lemon juice and roughly blend. You don’t have to over blend the shrimp, you want them chunky.
In a pan heat up some oil (medium high heat).
Then add the ginger/garlic paste and stir.
Keep stirring so it doesn’t stick to the pan.
Keep stirring and adjusting the heat to low when needed.
Once the paste turns into golden colour, add the crushed chili peppers.
Mix together and continue cooking.
Add the shrimp and continue mixing.
Add some more lemon juice and salt and continue cooking.
Cook on low heat and keep stirring occasionally.
When it cools down place it in an air tight container and store it in the fridge

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