Zarda (Sweet Rice)
Rice washed and drained..I used sella rice but you can use basmati.
Yellow food colour
Salt..just a pinch
Oil..a quarter cup or more or less depending on the amount of rice.
Whole cardamom
Whole cinnamon

In a pot add all these ingredients except the rice.
Once the water comes to a boil, add the rice and cook until it is 90% done. If using basmati then cook until 70% done.
Drain the water away.
You also need:
Green n orange food colour
Desiccated coconut
2 Whole cinnamon
2 whole cardamom
In a small pan add some ghee and heat the ghee up.
Once the ghee becomes warm add the almonds, cinnamon, cardamom and raisins and cook until the raisins start to plump then remove from the stove.
Now start the layering process by putting some rice in a pot then some of the raisin/nut mixture then some sugar and the some ghee and some food colour either green or orange. Alternate the food colours in different layers. The repeat the layering process until all the rices and raisin/nut mixture is done.
Add sugar according to your preference keeping in mind that this is a sweet dish.
Then cook in the oven until the rice is well cooked and the sugar has dissolved.
Once done remove from the oven and gently mix the rice.
Garnish with more nuts, raisins and desiccated coconut.
Serve it warm.

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