Seafood Rice


Seafood Rice:
Rice..washed and drained
Seafood food medley..washed and drained
Crab meat (optional)..washed and drained
Ginger/garlic paste
Soy sauce
Cubed carrots
Chopped Coriander

In a deep pan, add some oil and cook the ginger/garlic paste. Next add the soy sauce, carrots, some salt and the seafood medley along with the crab meat if using any and mix well. Cook until the seafood is fully cooked and there is no liquid left. Keep this aside.
Now cook your rice in water with some salt and some oil.
When the rice is 50% cooked, drain the water away.
In an oven safe pot, place the cooked rice and then top up with the cooked seafood mixture. Top up with the chopped coriander and cover with an oven safe lid.
Now bake in the oven until the rice is fully cooked.
When ready, remove from the oven and gently mix the rice and the seafood together. Serve with a side of fried fish or shrimp.
*If using soy sauce with sodium content then go easy on salt as soy sauce contains lots of salt.


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