Samosa Chaat



Samosa Chaat
Cooked Samosas
Chana chaat
Chopped coriander
Plain yoghurt
Break the samosas in to two and place them in a serving plate or bowl.
Then add a generous amount of chana chaat over the samosas.
Top with plain yoghurt, chutneys and coriander.
**You can use any amount of these ingredients to suit your taste.
For chana chaat recipe:
Chana Chaat
(Chickpea Snack)
Boiled chickpeas
Diced cucumber
Diced tomato
Diced onion
Chopped coriander
Plain yoghurt
Chana chaat masala..easily available in supermarkets or any Indian grocery store.Method:
Mix all the ingredients well.
Add the chana chaat masala to suit your taste.
Add enough yoghurt to act as a binder for the ingredients and also as a sauce.
You can add these ingredients in any amount to suit your taste.
Refrigerate the chana chaat and when ready to serve, garnish with more plain yoghurt on top sprinkle with some chana chaat masala.
You can add some chutneys on top to make it more tasty.
Serve cold, warm or at room temperature.



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