Chicken n Veggie Stir Fry



Chicken n Veggie Stir fry
Sliced or diced carrots
Frozen peas
Ground cumin
Chopped coriander
Diced bell can use different kinds
Curry powder..optional
Oil for shallow frying
Chicken..cut into pieces
In a Skillet or pan, add the oil and cook the vegetables, adding one vegetable at a time until all the vegetables are in the pan.
Now add the spices and gently mix well.
Let the vegetables cook for a minute stirring in between the waiting time.
Next add the chicken and cook until the chicken is fully cooked and there is no water left.
If you feel like you need to add some water to assist in cooking the chicken you can go ahead and add some water. Other wise cover and let the chicken cook in it`s own juice.
Taste for salt and spices, add some more if it`s needed.
The chicken is ready when it is fully cooked and there is no or very little liquid left. At the very end add the coriander and stir it in.Serve as a side dish.
**You can use these ingredients in any amount to suit your need.



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