1 packet Phyllo/filo dough..thawed to the boxes instructions.
3 to 4 cups pecan or any nuts.. chopped into somewhat small pieces.
1 tbsp sugar.
1 tsp cinnamon powder.
1 cup melted butter
2 egg whites (optional) it acts as a binder for the nuts.


In a bowl, add the nuts, cinnamon powder, sugar and egg white. Mix well.
Place one sheet of thawed filo dough on a cutting board or table top then lightly brush it with melted butter. Repeat the process by placing 3 more filo dough sheets on top of one another while buttering each sheet prior to placing the next one. Butter the top fourth sheet as well before adding the nuts. Add 2 tbsp of the nut mixture along the width of the dough. Roll tightly until half way. Cut along the roll to separate it from the leftover filo dough sheet, use the lefover filo dough to make another roll. Repeat with the remaining filo dough.
Once finished cut the rolls into four pieces and place them in a cookie sheet that has been brushed with butter.
Brush the baklava pieces with butter and bake them in a 350 degrees oven until they are golden brown.

For sugar syrup:
2 cups sugar
1 and a half cups water
Cook until you get a sticky syrup.
Let the syrup cool.

Once the baklava are ready, pour cooled sugar syrup over hot baklava and immediately sprinkle some ground pistachio over the baklava to garnish.

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