Cabbage Rice








Cabbage Rice:
5 cups rice
1/2 a cabbage coarsely shredded
1/2 of each red, yellow, orange bell pepper..diced
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables
Turmeric powder
Curry powder
Chopped coriander
Dried parsley (optional)
2 tomatoes..diced

Cook the rice in boiling water with some salt and oil.
When the rice is half way cooked, drain the water away and keep the rice aside.
In a pot, add some oil and cook the onions until soft then add the tomatoes.
Cook the tomatoes until soft then add the frozen mixed vegetables and the bell peppers and continue cooking for a few minutes.
Next add the spices and herbs and mix well.
Finally add the cabbage and mix well and immediately turn the stove off, don’t let the cabbage cook.
Now in a pot layer the rice then the cabbage then rice then cabbage until everything is in the pot. Cover the pot and bake until the rice is well cooked.
Goes well with any kind of curry.

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