Shrimp and Mushroom Soup








Shrimp n Mushroom Soup:
2 eggs..beaten
6 cups water
1 cup mixed frozen vegetables
About 20 shelled shrimp
Ground black pepper
1 tbsp corn starch mixed in water to make paste
2 green onions..diced
10 mushrooms..washed and sliced
1/3 cup oil

In a pot, add the oil and cook the mushrooms.
Next add the mixed vegetables and continue cooking.
Add salt and ground black pepper and mix.
Then add the water green onions, shrimp and chopped coriander to the pot. Mix well.
Add water to the the pot and cook until every thing is well cooked.
Now add the beaten eggs while stirring the soup around.
Next add the corn starch paste into the soup and cook for a few minutes.
The soup is now ready.

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