Kaimati 2








2 cups flour
1and a quarter cups water
1 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp yeast
1 tbsp oil

Mix all the ingredients except water.
Next add the water, start with 1 cup , then if required slowly add the remaining water. You need the dough to be a bit thick for this kind of kaimati.
I used the entire 1 and a quarter cups of water.
Beat up the dough with the palm of your hand.
Let the dough rise while you prepare the syrup.

For syrup you need:
1 and a half cups sugar
half a cup water
A pinch of vanilla sugar
Mix the these and cook until it becomes sticky.
Remove from the stove.
Once the dough has puffed up,deep fry the kaimatis and let them cool.
Next take a big pot and place it on high heat, then add half of the syrup.
Add the kaimatis and hold the handles of the pot and start carefully flipping the kaimatis. If you see you need more syrup, add more. You do not want too much syrup in the kaimati pot, otherwise it is going to be hard to flip and you might burn your face and the kaimatis wil also have hard, rocky sugar coating.
Keep flipping the kaimati pot and putting it back on the stove and flipping it util the syrup crystallizes.
Once the sugar crystallizes, pour the kaimati on a big plate to cool.
Once they are cool, place them on a serving plate.
Enjoy with tea or kahawa (coffee)

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