Chicken Tenders









Chicken Tenders:
2 boneless chicken breast..cut into strips
Ground black pepper
Garlic powder (optional)

Mix these ingredients to marinate the chicken.
You also need:
2 eggs beaten
1 cup flour
1/2 cup crushed cornflakes cereal
1 cup breadcrumbs
Oil for deep frying

In three separate place the eggs, flour and one plate mix the breadcrumbs
with the cornflakes.
Season all three with salt, ground black pepper,garlic powder and mix each ingredient
Now start coating the chicken strips, first dip them in flour, then eggs,then
breadcrumbs/cornflakes mixture and deep fry the chicken strips.
Turn and stir the chicken so that it cooks evenly.
Keep deep frying the chicken until all the chicken is cooked.
When cooked, remove the chicken and place it in a plate with a paper towel on top,
to absorb any excess oil.
Serve hot with your favourite sauces.

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