Chicken Keema Filling









Chicken Keema Filling:
2 lbs chicken keema(minced chicken)
Ground black pepper
Water..enough to cover the chicken keema

In a pot, add these ingredients and cook until the chicken is well cooked.
Next, drain away any water left from cooking the chicken.
In a food processor, add drained chicken and give it a quick pulse to
break any large chicken pieces.
Keep the chicken aside.

You also need:
3 large stalks of green onions..diced
Ground black pepper
Garlic powder(optional)
5 green chilies..sliced
1/4 cup oil

In a non stick pot, add the oil and cook the onion until they start to become soft.
Next add the spices, mix well and immediately turn the stove off.
Then add the chicken keema and mix well.
Keep it aside and let it cool.
Use the filling for samosa, buns,and so much more.


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