Labania za Tambi



Labania za Tambi:
1 and a half cups vermicelli..the broken ones
2 cups cream
5 tbsp milk powder
6 to 7 tbsp sugar
3 to 4 tbsp butter
4 tbsp ground almonds

In a non stick pan, melt the ghee and cook the vermicelli
until golden brown.
Next add the cream, sugar, cardamom, milk powder and mix well.
After the mixture is well mixed, add the ground almonds and continue to
Keep mixing and stirring until the mixture will completely reduced.
You will notice that the mixture will start coming together and form
into somewhat a ball when stirred, this is your cue that mixture is almost
ready..Right after noticing that give the mixture on the stove
a few minutes to make sure there is no liquid left.
Then remove the mixture and place it in a bowl or plate to cool.
When the mixture is warm and your hand can handle the heat, shape the labania
into whatever shapes you like..I highly recommend using molds of some kind..
I used silicone candy molds but you can use, maamul mold, cookie molds or even
find something in your kitchen that you can use as a mold to shape them.


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