Ajemi Bread (Mikate ya Ajemi)



Mikate ya Ajemi:
3 cups flour
2/3 cup plus 1 tbsp milk
1 cup yoghurt
1 tbsp yeast
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tbsp baking soda
3 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste

In a mixer, add all the ingredients except milk and mix well.
Then add the milk in parts until you get a sfot but firm dough.
Let the dough rise.
Once risen, divide the dough into six balls.
Roll each ball out and spread ghee on top of the rolled ball.
Next fold the rolled ball to make a thick strip, roll the thick strip
with the palm of your hands to make a long strip.
Fold the strip in a circle shape to make ball or what is called in kiswahili
a “tabaki”.
Repeat the process with the remaining balls.
Let the tabaki balls rise then roll out each tabaki roll to make a thick
chapati shape.
Now take a pan and cook one side of the rolled chapati on the stove and grill
the other side in the oven.
As soon as the bread is out of the oven, spread ghee on top of the bread.

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