Cheesy French Toast

8 slices of bread
3 eggs (beaten)
Mozzarella cheese..cut 4 slices of the cheese(not too thick)
Oil for shallow frying

Cut the edges of the bread slices (you can keep the edges to use for something else)
Now take the slices of bread without the edges, put the cheese slice on top of a slice of bread, then cover it with another slice of bread to make a sandwich..In total you will have 4 sandwiches.
Now in a frying pan , add the oil and place it on a medium high heat stove.
Now dip each sandwich in to the beaten eggs, make sure to coat the edges of the sandwich with the eggs as well and then shallow fry the egg coated sandwich. Cook the sandwich until golden brown, make sure to turn the sandwich around so every corner cooks evenly. Repeat with the remaining sandwiches.


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