3 cups grated coconut
2 cups sugar
1 and a half cups water
Red food colouring or any colour you want
A pinch of ground cardamom

In a pot add the sugar and water, along with the food colouring and the ground cardamom.
Cook the above ingredients until the syrup starts to almost thicken.
Then add the grated coconut.
Cook, stirring constantly until the syrup reduces and the mixture starts to come together..You will see when you mix, the mixture kinds of comes on one side, kinds of form a ball shape and the syrup has almost entirely dried, then you know it is ready..
Grease your surface with oil and pour the mixture.
Now grease your hand and scoop some of the mixture and roll into balls, be careful, the mixture will still be hot. You can use half of the mixture to make kashata, or make the whole mixture into ladu balls. Make the balls while the mixture is still hot and moist, because once cooled the mixture will dry up..
The same for kashata, if you are going to make kashata with half of the mixture, flatten while the mixture is still hot and moist.



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