Kashata za Nazi









3 cups desiccated coconut (I used half sweetened and half with no sugar)
Mix the coconut with 1 cup of water and keep aside, skip this process if you are using freshly grated coconut.
You also need:
2 cups sugar
1 and a half cups water
Red food colouring or any colour you want
A pinch of ground cardamom

In a pot add the sugar and water, along with the food colouring and the ground cardamom.
Cook the above ingredients for about 7 to to minutes or until the syrup starts to almost thicken.
Then add the desiccated coconut along with any water left from soaking the coconut.
Cook, stirring constantly until the syrup reduces and the mixture starts to come together..You will see when you mix, the mixture kinds of comes on one side, kinds of form a ball shape and the syrup almost entirely dried, then you know it is ready..
Grease your surface with oil and pour the mixture on the surface, then use the back of your large spoon to flatten the kashata to the desired thickness.
Let the kashata rest and cool for a few minutes, then cut into any shape you want.



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