Borohowa la Pojo la Nazi

2 cups pojo (green gram)
1 small onion
Coconut milk.. 4 to 5 cups


Wash and boil the pojo.
Once the pojo is soft, remove from stove and drain any excess water.
Then place them in a pot and add the coconut milk, salt and onion. The coconut milk should cover the pojo.
Next cook the pojo until it starts to thicken a bit, remove from the stove and take an immersion blender and blend the borohowa until it’s smooth, if you like chunks then do not over blend.
Return the pot on the stove and continue cooking on low heat for a few minutes..
Once the borohowa is ready turn off the stove and serve the borohowa in a serving bowl..
Serve with plain rice with nyama kavu or samaki wa kukaanga.




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