Beef Katlesi

8 potatoes
Boil the potatoes until they are soft.
Then peel the potatoes and mash them while they are still hot or warm.
Next add some salt, garlic salt(optional), black pepper powder and mix well.
You also need 1 and a half pounds of cooked keema.
Next take some mashed potatoes and place it in the palm of your hands and kind of flatten it to form a disc shape. Then add a tablespoon of cooked keema and place it in the middle and fold to form a ball shape, make sure to seal all the ends. The keema should be inside, covered with the mashed potatoes. Repeat this process with the remaining keema and mashed potatoes.
*Tip: If you feel the mashed potatoes are too mushy, add some bread crumbs to the mashed potatoes.
For another method of katlesi:
Mix the cooked keema with the mashed potatoes and shape them into any shapes you want.
You also need about 3 to 4 eggs.
Beat the eggs.
In a karai, add some oil and place it on a medium high heat.
Once the oil is hot, coat the uncooked katlesi in the beaten eggs and deep fry it.
Repeat with the remaining uncooked katlesi.
*Tips for your oil:
-Make sure the oil is hot enough( not too hot though)
-When frying then the katlesi should be deep in the oil, this helps prevent them from breaking.
Once all the katlesi are cooked serve them with lemon wedges or chutney.


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