Viazi vya Tamu

Viazi vya tamu


Viazi vya tamu

Sweet potatoes
Coconut milk
Cardamom powder

Wash and peel the sweet potatoes.
Next cut the potatoes into thick slices or pieces and place them in a pot.
Next cover the potatoes with coconut milk, then add the sugar and cardamom powder.
-Add the sugar to suit your taste
Place the pot with the ingredients on medium heat stove and cook.
Cook the potatoes until they are soft, if the potatoes are still hard and the coconut milk has reduced almost completely, you can add more coconut milk and continue cooking until they are soft.
Once soft and the coconut milk has reduced, place the sweet potatoes in a serving bowl.

For thick coconut sauce:
Take some heavy coconut cream and place it in a small pot.
Cook the coconut cream stirring constantly until it thickens and reduces in size.
Pour the coconut cream over the cooked sweet potatoes.


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