Tambi za Mapapayu

Tambi za mapapayu


Tambi za mapapayu
You need 1 green raw papaya (pawpaw).
Wash the papaya, peel it and cut the papaya into thin vermicelli strips, I used a vegetable peeler with groove to get the papaya vermicelli.
Once you make the vermicelli from the papaya, put the papaya vermicelli in a pot and next add coconut milk about a quarter way, depending on how thick your pawpaw vermicelli are. Mine were pretty thin do I added coconut milk about a quarter way meaning I did not cover the pawpaw vermicelli with the coconut milk (they don’t take time to be soft).
Next add some sugar and ground cardamom to suit your taste.
Cook until the pawpaw vermicelli is soft and the coconut milk has almost reduced.
Remove from the stove and pour it in a serving bowl.
Next take a small pot and add some thick coconut cream and cook it, stirring continuously until it reduces to a heavy sauce/cream, then pour it over the cooked pawpaw vermicelli.
Enjoy them warm or cold.


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