Spicy Potatoes


5 large potatoes (peeled, cubed and washed)
1 onion (diced)
1 and half tomatoes (diced)
green chilies
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp garlic powder
Salt and lemon juice to taste
3 tbsp flour
3 cups water
2 tsp garlic chili paste


Add some water and salt to the cubed potatoes and boil them.Remove from stove when they have started to soften.
Drain the potatoes and keep them aside.
In another pot, add the 3 cups water and 3 tbsp flour and mix well, then place it on medium heat stove and stir well.Once it almost comes to a boil, remove from the stove. It does not have to boil.
In another pot, heat up some oil and add the onions.
Sautee the onions and then add tomatoes.
After the tomatoes have softened up, add the curry powder, salt, garlic chili paste, green chilies, garlic salt and lemon juice and add the potatoes.
Then add the flour and water mixture. Cook for a few minutes or until the potatoes are soft enough.
If you want the potatoes to be thick, reduce the amount of water.
Taste for salt and lemon.
Remove from the stove and place the potatoes in a serving dish.
Enjoy with potato or cassava chips or crisps


Spicy potatoes

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