Samosa (Sambusa)

For the filling:

Minced meat
lemon juice
salt to taste
black pepper (ground)
cumin (ground)
garlic/ginger paste
All these ingredients can be added to the amount you desire (to suit your taste).

Put everything in a pot and cook until it’s well cooked and drain any broth away.Keep aside to cool.

Other ingredients:
Samosa pastry
Onions (diced)
flour paste (flour and water) for wrapping the samosas.
Oil for frying.

After cooking the meat and draining away any left over broth, add the diced onions and mix gently. Let the meat cool.
Then take your pastries and start folding them into shapes, filling them with the meat and folding them again to seal them with the paste.
Next, fry your samosa until they turn golden colour and drain them in a paper towel.
Serve with lemon or chutneys.



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